Computer Usage Policy

• The computers are situated and arranged in line with current government guidance on social distancing: please respect this by not moving furniture or equipment.
• Space has been allocated for one person per computer.  If you need someone to attend with you, such as a support worker or a child, please state that at the time of booking so we can ensure you have adequate space.
• The Library’s computers are NOT to be used a] for inappropriate access to the internet [eg. pornography], b] to access or alter the computer’s operating system or settings, c] to try to add or change or delete any programmes or apps existing on the Library’s computers.
• Depending on what help is required, Library staff may be unable to give advice on the use of the apps and programmes available on the Library’s computers.
• You may print output you have produced using the Library’s computers at the charge set out for Photocopying on the Internet Access page of the Library’s website.

The library will be closed on 1st May for our computer upgrade.